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Replacing missing teeth is crucial for restoring chewing ability, facial structure, and confidence. Dental implants may not be the only way to replace teeth, but they are the most cutting-edge and natural-looking choice.

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If you have one or more missing teeth and are looking for a permanent solution to restoring your smile, Dental implants in Visakhapatnam from The Dental Studio's location near Siripuram could be the solution.

When supporting a dental crown, dental implants look and function like natural teeth. They are tiny titanium posts that are surgically inserted directly into the jaw bone. After a period of time, they fuse with your bone and act as a tooth root, supporting a crown that is later placed on top. Not only do dental implants restore appearances and function to a smile, but they can also improve your speaking and eating abilities. Because they fill in a gap in the teeth, implants can give patients a more youthful appearance.


Everyone can lose teeth. Trauma, severe gum disease, tooth decay, or poor oral hygiene can cause tooth loss. Untreated missing teeth can cause:

  • Missing teeth cause speech issues.
  • Chewing issues
  • Missing teeth can cause muscles to sag, making lips and cheeks depressed and wrinkled.
  • Teeth loss causes jaw muscle pain and an incorrect bite.
  • Plaque and food entrapment in missing teeth gaps cause tooth decay and gum disease over time.
  • Tilting adjacent teeth into vacant tooth gaps causes improper bite.
  • Damage the face and lower self-esteem.
  • Covering smiles to prevent embarrassment from missing teeth.

Help with all the issues above. They are the greatest and most common tooth replacement option. Dental implants are suitable for all missing-tooth patients. Implants' 98% success record reassures dental patients. They are titanium screws bonded to the jawbone.


  • For single missing teeth
  • For partially edentulous patients with missing posterior teeth.
  • For completely edentulous patients



Basal implants

Dental Basal Implants

Basal Implants is an implantology system which utilizes the basal cortical portion of the jaw bones for retention of the dental implants which are uniquely designed to be accommodated in the basal cortical bone areas. The basal bone provides excellent quality cortical bone for retention of these unique and highly advanced implants. In patients with very little available vertical bone, conventional implants are contraindicated. Basal implants offer excellent alternative in such cases.These implants are indicated when several teeth are missing or have to be extracted. 


Benefits of Basil Implants:

  • Minimal Bone Grafting
  • Stability
  • High Success Rates
  • Increased Comfort
  • Reduced Healing Time
  • Suitable for Patients with Reduced Jawbone Volume



Conventional implants

Dental Conventional Implants

A conventional dental implant is usually known as a Two Piece implant which consists of the root component and the tooth component in separate bits. It is surgically inserted into jaw bone. After a healing period, implant binds with the bone and provides a long term solution for missing teeth. 


Benefits of Conventional Implants:

  • Smile more.
  • More Comfort
  • Durability
  • Preserving Bones
  • Efficient tooth replacement
  • Healthier Teeth
  • Fill in a missing tooth or teeth



Implant supported denture

Dental Implant Supported Denture

Implant supported dentures reduce or eliminate virtually all of the limitations of traditional dentures. Rather than simply resting on the gums, implant supported dentures are anchored by dental implants (tiny titanium screws) that are inserted into the jawbone.Whether you are considering them for the first time or thinking of replacing your traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures can be an excellent option. These dental appliances improve speech and confidence, decrease irritation of gum tissue, restores your ability to chew much better compared to your traditional removable dentures. 


Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures:

  • Don't slip like traditional dentures can.
  • Help prevent bone loss in your jaw. 
  • Look like natural teeth.
  • Restore oral health, function and appearance.
  • Last much longer than traditional dentures


Immediate implant

Dental Immediate Implant

Depending on the indication it can take between three to twelve months to complete dental implant treatment, with potentially multiple trips to the dentist required.Immediate implant placement is when an implant is placed at the same time as the natural tooth is extracted.  In suitable cases, immediate placement and immediate loading offer an array of benefits for the patient, including shorter treatment time and significantly reduced time (if any) spent with a gap in the dentition since the esthetic restorations are provided on the day of surgery.  


Benefits of Immediate Implants:

  • Reduced Treatment Time
  • Preservation of Bone
  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Comfort
  • High Success Rate
  • Reduced Cost
  • Convenience


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